Oregon Economy
Oregon has one of the fastest growing economies in the nation. With important and growing industries in manufacturing, apparel, and green technologies, Oregon has a solid base in vital markets that will continue to enrich the economy moving forward.

Per capita GDP

Oregon’s per capita GDP, adjusted for inflation, has been growing fairly consistently—and more quickly than both Washington and the U.S.-- over the past 15 years. If this trend continues, Oregon may even pass Washington’s per capita GDP in the future.
GDP Growth

Real GDP growth in Oregon has been quite volatile, but, in all but the worst of the 2009 recession, GDP growth has remained positive. It has also generally exceeded Washington and the U.S.’s GDP growth rates. Ensuring a strong Oregon economy in the future is crucial to continuing this remarkable pattern of growth.
Household income

Oregon’s median household income, adjusted for inflation, has remained relatively steady over the past 15 years and has only recently exceeded the US’s real median household income. However, Oregon still trails Washington in this statistic.
Oregon Employment
Oregon's unemployment rate is one of the highest in the country; one of Oregon’s biggest problems right now is that so many of its workers are out of work. However, overall unemployment has been slowly decreasing, and it is important to see where jobs are located in the economy and what industries have the highest potential for employment growth.


Oregon’s unemployment rate has been consistently higher than both the U.S. and Washington’s unemployment rates over the past decade. Helping businesses create new jobs is a crucial goal to decrease Oregon’s unemployment.
Top 5 Industries for Oregon Employment

Oregon has many different industries driving its vibrant economy. Many Oregon jobs are within the healthcare and retail industries, but manufacturing, government, and food and lodging are also crucial for keeping Oregonians employed. Beyond these top-5 industries, many Oregonians are also employed in the production and distribution of durable goods as well as with financial-related occupations.
Oregon employment by business size

More than half of Oregon’s workers are employed by companies with fewer than 100 employees, and over a quarter are employed by companies with fewer than 20 employees. As policymakers continue to adjust employment regulations, it is important to consider the many small businesses that employ the majority of Oregonians.
Oregon Exports
The Oregon economy has always had a very important export industry. Although recently the trend has shifted from logging and forestry exports to being mainly dominated by the high tech manufacturing industry, exports remain an important component of the Oregon economy.

Exports as % of GSP

The Oregon Economy is closely tied with its exports. Almost 10% of all GSP comes from Oregon exports. Although this lags significantly behind Washington's 18%, it remains a significant portion of our total GSP and should be considered an important factor when discussing Oregon's policy towards bringing in and keeping businesses with large export potential.
Export Employment

Export employment shows how much of Oregon's employment is being employed directly by the export market. This percentage does not, however, include all of the employees that work for companies that export from Oregon. If this percentage were to include all employees of companies that export it would be significantly higher. Although Oregon is below Washington in this figure, more employees are employed by exports here than in most of our geographically competitive states, and also the United States as a whole.
Oregon Exports by Sector

Oregon's export market is dominated by the manufacturing sector. Led by the high technology sector which manufactures computer and electronic products, the future of the Oregon export economy will have a large emphasis on the manufacturing sector. Besides agricultural products, that consist of all farming and forestry exports, manufacturing in chemical, machinery, and transportation make up the other large export sectors in the Oregon economy.
Key Sectors

2009-2010 Oregon Senate - Prosperity Voting Record

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Bates, Alan (D)
Oregon Senate District 3
Bonamici, Suzanne (D)
Oregon Congressional District 1
Boquist, Brian (R)
Oregon Senate District 12
Burdick, Ginny (D)
Oregon Senate District 18
Courtney, Peter (D)
Oregon Senate District 11
Devlin, Richard (D)
Oregon Senate District 19
Dingfelder, Jackie (D)
Oregon Senate District 23
Edwards, Chris (D)
Oregon Senate District 7
Ferrioli, Ted (R)
Oregon Senate District 30
George, Larry (R)
Oregon Senate District 13
Girod, Fred (R)
Oregon Senate District 9
Hass, Mark (D)
Oregon Senate District 14
Johnson, Betsy (D)
Oregon Senate District 16
Knopp, Tim (R)
Oregon Senate District 27
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Preferred Position: Y N N N N N N N N Score
Kruse, Jeff (R)
Oregon Senate District 1
Monnes Anderson, Laurie (D)
Oregon Senate District 25
Monroe, Rod (D)
Oregon Senate District 24
Prozanski, Floyd (D)
Oregon Senate District 4
Rosenbaum, Diane (D)
Oregon Senate District 21
Shields, Chip (D)
Oregon Senate District 22
Starr, Bruce (R)
Oregon Senate District 15
Whitsett, Doug (R)
Oregon Senate District 28
Winters, Jackie (R)
Oregon Senate District 10

Symbol Key:
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Y Voted YES N Voted NO
- Did Not Vote A Absent
T Paired Vote Z Presiding
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1 OR 2009: HB 2001, Transportation funding.

2 OR 2009: HB 2116, New healthcare tax.

3 OR 2009: HB 2157, Eliminates job creating tax incentives.

4 OR 2009: HB 2649, Increased income taxes.

5 OR 2009: HB 3405, Increased business taxes.

6 OR 2009: SB 284, New lawsuits against Oregon manufacturers.

7 OR 2009: SB 519, Employer gag bill.

8 OR 2010: HB 3706, New lawsuits for banks.

9 OR 2010: SB 1059, Local planning to curb business growth.