Highlights of the 2007 Elections


Steve Beshear (D) 59%
Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R)    41%
Bobby Jindal (R)     54%
Walter Boasso (D)    17%
Haley Barbour (R)    58%
John Eaves (D)   42%

State Legislature

  • Democrats took control of the State Senate with a 21 to 19 post election split due to Republican losses in northern suburbs.  Republicans retain control of the House of Delegates but Democrats gain seats.


  • Runoffs on November 17
  • State House:  Democrats will control at least 45 seats and Republicans will have least 42 seats
  • State Senate stays in Democratic hands

New Jersey

  • Democrats gained one seat in the Senate for a 23-17 advantage
  • Democrats lost 2 seats in the Assembly for a 48-32 majority
  • Turnout expected to be the lowest for any legislative election there since the early 1900’s 


  • Democrats regained a majority in the Senate, shifting from 27R - 25D to 28D - 24R

Ohio 5

  • Special general election December 11
  • Incomplete and disputed results – State Rep. Bob Latta (R) over State Senator Steve Buehrer (R) in primary
  • Democrats nominated Robin Weirauch (this will be her third attempt for this seat)


  • Maine voters rejected a relaxation of term limits for state legislators
  • New Jersey voters rejected an ambitious plan to borrow almost half a billion dollars for stem cell research but backed state borrowing for open spaces
  • Texas voters supported funding for cancer research touted by Lance Armstrong despite opposition from anti-spending groups
  • Utah voters soundly defeated a measure previously backed by state legislature to provide school vouchers for all students
  • Oregon voters rejected an increase in tobacco taxes for expanded child health care services
  • Washington voters approved a plan to provide triple damages for consumers denied insurance coverage, tax limitation advocates were successful in getting two-thirds requirement for tax increases