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Construction Industry Top Issues

The construction industry is susceptible to the impact of regulations, tax policy, funding decisions, and the health of the overall economy.  The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and its Chapters promote policies that both support and promote sustained economic growth.  Please consider the following issues as you head to the polls in 2016. 

Grow the economy and promote private construction

AGC has a 30-point plan, “Building a Stronger Future, a New Blueprint for Economic Growth,” that not only highlights our industry’s challenges but also looks at government incentives geared toward building new energy efficient structures, pushing  for certainty in the tax code, and creating an economic environment where developers feel confident enough to make new investments. 

Keep Infrastructure Programs Funded and Up-to-Date

Our association’s members that work in the public market need certainty, efficiency, and innovative funding options.  Our members work for private companies but they also do work for federal, state and local governmental entities where they build projects like schools, levees, water treatment facilities and roads.

Simpler, More Stable Taxes

Our association’s members need tax certainty and tax simplicity.  Business decisions should not be based on manipulating the tax code. Simple solutions to the current estate tax uncertainty, repeal of the alternative minimum tax, and low tax rates will facilitate industry growth.  Our members are primarily small businesses that are organized as “s” corps, LLCs and partnerships. Our members need to make sure that tax reform treats business income for “c” corps the same way it does for “s” corps and other pass-through entities. 

Reasonable Regulation

Our association’s members work in a heavily regulated segment of the economy.  The construction industry works best when there is reasonable, rational regulations that take into account the real costs of regulations before they are promulgated.

Safe, Legal, Skilled Workforce

Our association’s members are committed to providing a safe working environment to their well trained efficient workforce. Also, they want immigration reform that provides them with certainty that they are hiring legal workers. 

How Can You Make a Difference on These Issues?
America's success depends on everyone's involvement in the election process. Each voter can help bring about the prosperity that goes with economic growth. Some of the best ways to do this include:

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