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The 113th Congress convened its second session on January 7th, 2014. Outside of fiscal issues, there remain numerous issues that have been raised by both the Administration and Congress that will likely impact our students, our schools, our employees and our company.

On March 14, 2014, the Department of Education released the Gainful Employment NPRM. By the Department of Education's own admission, approximately 1 million students will be displaced by this rule, should it go into effect, and fully 50% of all programs subject to the rule will fail. This is clearly at odds with the President's own agenda that supports providing more opportunity to under-served students. This rule will further restrict access to higher education to those who need it most and expand the already significant skills gap in this country further limiting the ability of the economy to grow.

In addition, Congress is expected to continue its consideration of re-authorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965. Both the Senate HELP Committee and the House Education and Workforce Committee have already begun holding hearings to discuss issues that may be addressed in the re-authorization process including accreditation, Title IV federal aid, the regulatory triad, educational innovations and student success.

We share President Obama's goals with respect to higher education and again leading the world in the number of college graduates by the year 2020 as well as expanding access to a higher education with respect to under-served communities. We will continue to maintain an active and robust dialogue with the Administration, the Department of Education and Members of Congress as to how we may work together to achieve these goals.

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