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    Welcome to CCIA's Legislative Action Center!

    CCIA’s Government Affairs activities expand construction markets and reduce business costs. Through credible and expert advocacy, CCIA ensures that legislators and regulators understand the impacts of policies on construction businesses. CCIA facilitates the involvement of its members in government affairs, providing a powerful and respected voice in the policymaking process.

    CCIA’s Legislative Action Center is a straightforward way for you to contact your state and federal legislators by allowing you to easily generate powerful emails which make a huge, positive difference. During the legislative session CCIA sends “Calls to Action” to members at key points in the legislative process. With just a few mouse clicks you can influence legislators on issues which are important to your business.

    America works best when Americans vote. These pages are designed to give you the information and tools you need to make it to the polls and cast an informed vote. We've included voter registration, absentee ballot information, and tools to locate and contact your elected officials.  And, as candidates file for office and votes that matter are cast we'll present candidate guides and voting records.

    Throughout these pages we present information to assist you in casting your vote and becoming more involved in the electoral process. But we don't - and won't - tell you how to vote. That decision is up to you.

    Help us help you. Get involved!