Building a Strong Future - Ensuring jobs and prosperity for Texans

State lawmakers are making decisions every day that directly impact our success, profitability, and livelihood. These decisions influence our tax burden, the quality and strength of our workforce, the regulatory environment in which our manufacturers operate, and the competitiveness of our products and our state. Building a strong future by effective participation in these crucial decisions is the objective of the Manufacturers PAC of Texas (MPACT). Participation in MPACT will help build the manufacturing industry in Texas and ensure a strong competitive business environment in our great state.

MPACT is a political action committee authorized by the Texas Ethics Commission. The TEC authorizes PACs to accept contributions from stakeholders to support candidates running for public office in the state of Texas. MPACT is a legal and ethical way for members of the Texas Association of Manufacturers to participate in the political process and ensure that we elect candidates to public office who are supportive of issues important to the manufacturing industry.

MPACT is supported by its members and affiliates, and no corporate funds are used to support candidates.