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Last year proved to all of us how important it is to be involved during an election. It’s just as vital, though, to be engaged in the political process all year long.

You can become involved today as Congress considers action on the American Health Care Act, which would shift Medicaid from a joint federal and state program to a “per capita cap” system that would seriously decrease funding for Medicaid services.

We are concerned about the future of Medicaid – the lifeline to children in low-income families and to those with special health care needs.

Approximately half of the patients at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC receive this affordable coverage through the jointly funded federal/state Medicaid program, which is the single largest insurer for some 30 million children in the United States.

Please tell your U.S. Senator and Member of Congress to protect the Medicaid program for our youngest, most vulnerable citizens by improving the American Health Care Act.

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