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Top Issues

The following is a list of key legislative issues that NAILBA’s Government Affairs team has been tracking. 

Regulatory Reform
Congress' primary focus in its regulatory reform efforts is to address systemic risk and tier 1 (“too big to fail”) financial institutions that contributed to the financial meltdown. NAILBA has a stake in the following provisions offered in both the House and Senate reform bills:

 SEC Regulation of Sales Practices

 Standards of Care

 Expansion of Regulatory Bureaucracy

Tax Reform
Tax laws passed by Congress in 2001 are set to expire at the end of this year. Congress is expected to write one of the largest tax overhauls in recent history. While an overhaul of the current tax code is certainly in order to address the fiscal challenges ahead, the following tax issues are of particular interest to NAILBA:

 Estate Tax

 Deferred Compensation

 Proposed Tax on Business Uses of Life Insurance (also known as Corporate-Owned Life Insurance, or COLI)
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