As you may know, as a result of a misinformation campaign led by environmentalists from Washington, D.C., oil and gas development in New Mexico’s Otero County has been thwarted. Now is the time for the local business community to speak.
At the urging of environmental groups, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has recently released a report that recommends designating all of the Otero Grasslands as an Area of Environmental Concern (ACEC), under the auspices of protecting native wildlife and grasslands. This move would further restrict responsible development of this area. 
The BLM's reasoning is faulty, claiming that there has been no economic production when their own regulations and interminable delay in issuing oil and gas leases and permits have prevented the production. Further, the assertion that the potential for development is only low to moderate is without merit. This area has high potential for the development of wind energy, gas reserves and rare earth minerals, which are much needed and essential to the defense of our country. 
It is possible to both maintain the beauty of our state and develop the state’s bountiful natural resources in a responsible manner. 
The need for domestic oil and gas production is more important now than it ever has been, and New Mexico has the potential to be on the forefront. Further impeding responsible drilling when energy and economic revitalization is needed locally, is a disservice to New Mexicans.