Illinois Congressional Nominees

Illinois lost 1 district due to reapportionment: 19 to 18 districts

Redistricting Note:
Candidates in BOLD are current legislators.

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  Republican Democrat Other (Party)
CD 1 Donald E. Peloquin Bobby L. Rush  
CD 2 Brian Woodworth Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.  
CD 3 Richard L. Grabowski Daniel William Lipinski  
CD 4  Hector Concepcion Luis V. Gutierrez  
CD 5 Dan Schmitt Mike Quigley  
CD 6 Peter J. Roskam Leslie Coolidge  
CD 7 N/A Danny K. Davis  
CD 8 Joe Walsh Tammy Duckworth  
CD 9 Tim Wolfe Janice D. Schakowsky  
CD 10 Robert Dold Brad Schneider  
CD 11 Judy Biggert (Current Legislator for CD 13) Bill Foster  
CD 12 Jason Plummer Bill Enyart  
*Open Seat      
CD 13 Rodney Davis David M. Gill  
*Open Seat      
CD 14 Randall M. "Randy" Hultgren Dennis Anderson  
CD 15 John M. Shimkus (Current Legislator for CD 19) Angela Michael  
CD 16 Adam Kinzinger (Current Legislator for CD 11) N/A  
CD 17 Bobby Schilling Cheri Bustos  
CD 18 Aaron Shock Steve Waterworth  


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