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Gubernatorial Candidates

  Kentucky  (Nov. 8)      
Steven L. Beshear (D - inc.) 55.6% 464,657  
  David L. Williams (R) 35.3% 295,435  
  Gatewood Galbraith (I) 8.9% 74,923  
  100% of precincts reporting      
  Louisiana  (Oct. 22)      
  Bobby Jindal (R - inc.) 65.8% 673,239  
  Tara Hollis (D) 17.8% 182,828  
  Cary J. Deaton (D) 4.8% 50,014  
  Niki Bird Papazoglakis (D) 3.2% 33,208  
  Ivo Roberts (D) 2.1% 21,857  
  100% of precincts reporting      
  Mississippi  (Nov. 8)      
Phil Bryant (R) 61% 505,712  
  Johnny Dupree (D) 39% 322,937  
  96.9% of precincts reporting      

State Legislative Races - November 8th

Control of the Virginia Senate will be determined by a recount in one State Senate district (District 17, where over $2 million was spent).  It appears that the majority has shifted from a 22-18 Democrat majority to a 20-20 tie that is broken by Republican Lt. Governor Bill Bolling.  Once session begins in January, a major fight looms with congressional redistricting currently unresolved.  The current map was drawn by Democrats and that huge advantage prevented Republicans from winning a clear majority.  In the Virginia House of Delegates, Republicans gained either 6 or 7 seats to increase their majority that started at a 59 to 39 advantage (plus 2 seats held by Independents).  Virginia Republicans now control the Governor's Office, the State Senate (with a Republican Lt. Governor presiding) and the House of Delegates for only the second time in Virginia history.  Without question, Virginia is on the short list to be the most targeted state in 2012.  The state will be campaigned in heavily in the presidential contest and has a highly competitive open U.S. Senate seat.

Following runoff elections, Republicans will continue to be in the majority in both the House and the Senate.  The run-off for Louisiana's legislative races (4 in the Senate and 20 in the House) that did not have a candidate achieve 50% will be held on November 19.

New Jersey
Democrats claimed victory by increasing its majority in the State General Assembly (House) by one seat to a 48-32 spread over Republicans and will continue to hold the same 24-16 spread in the Senate.

Going into the election, Republicans controlled the State Senate (27 R, 24 D, 1 vacancy) while the Democratic Party has controlled the State House of Representatives (68 D, 54 R) since Reconstruction. This election presented the first opportunity for the GOP to capture the House chamber in over a century. Mississippi's election took place under the state's 2000 Census maps since the legislature was unable to draw new legislative districts in time for the 2011 election. Redistricting will be revisited after the 2012 election.  With two races undecided, Republicans will hold a majority in the Senate by at least at 28-22 margin.  In one of the bigger stories of the night, The Mississippi State House of Representatives switched from Democrat to Republican control for the first time since Reconstruction. With reports still coming in, Republicans now have majority control with a total of 63 seats, leaving Democrats with 58. Republicans control both legislative chambers as well as the governorship. This victory means Republicans will completely control the redistricting process in 2012.


Initiatives - November 1st-8th 

  Colorado (Nov. 1)
  Colorado Sales and Income Tax Increase Initiative, Proposition 103
The measure would have increased the state income and sales tax. Specifically, it would have increased the state income tax to 5 percent and the sales tax to 3 percent. The state income tax now remains at 4.63 percent and the sales tax will stay at 2.9 percent.
  Yes 36.3% 349,746
No 63.6% 611,907
      98% of precincts reporting


Ohio (Nov.8)
Ohio Senate Bill 5 Veto Referendum, Issue 2
The measure would repeal legislation that limits collective bargaining for public employees in the state.
  Yes 39% 1,330,013
No 61% 2,115,404
      99.9% of precincts reporting
Ohio Health Care Amendment, Issue 3
The measure calls for exempting residents of Ohio from national health care mandates which would stop any state law from forcing persons, employers or health care providers from participating in a health care system.
Yes 66% 2,182,076
  No 34% 1,147,154
      99.6% of precincts reporting


Texas (Nov. 8)
Texas Water Development Bonds Amendment, Proposition 2
Proposition 2 would amend the constitution to authorize the Texas Water Development Board to issue general obligation bonds, the proceeds of which may be loaned to political subdivisions to support implementation of water infrastructure projects identified in the Texas State Water Plan.
Yes 51.5% 347,614
  No 48.4% 327,076
      100% of precincts reporting


Maine (Nov. 8)
Maine Redistricting Measure, Question 4
The measure would amend the Maine Constitution to change the years of redistricting the lawmaking body, congressional districts and county commissioner districts after 2013 from 2023 and every 10th years after that to 2021 and every 10th year after that.
Yes 53% 192,940
  No 47% 171,145
      98.6% of precincts reporting


Washington (Nov.8)
Washington Transportation, Initiative 1125
The initiative would prohibit gas tax and toll revenues to be diverted to non-transportation purposes. It would also require that lawmakers approve toll rates.
  Yes 48.4% 502,317
No 51.5% 534,760
      100% of all votes counted.


Mississippi (Nov.8)
Mississippi Voter Identification Amendment, Initiative 27
The measure, if enacted by voters, would require voters to show identification at the polls when voting.
Yes 62% 500,187
  No 38% 306,177
      96.2% precincts reporting

Special Elections - November 8th 

  Oregon - Congressional District 1 Primary    
Suzanne Bonamici (D) 65.8% 34,855
  Brad Avakian (D) 21.2% 11,234
  Brad Witt (D) 8.3% 4,407
  Dan Strite (D) 1.6% 860
  Dominic Hammon (D) 1.2% 653
  Todd Lee Ritter (D) 0.8% 442
  Saba Ahmed (D) 0.2% 153
  Robert E. Lettin (D) 0.1% 59
Rob Cornilles (R) 72.2% 27,730
  Jim Greenfield (R) 11.4% 4,397
  Lisa Michaels (R) 10.6% 4,084
  Pavel Goberman (R) 3.1% 1,211
  DR Delgado-Morgan (R) 1.5% 591
      100% of all votes counted.


  Iowa - State Senate District 18    
  Cindy Golding (R) 43.5% 10,283
Liz Mathis (D) 55.8% 13,184
      100% precincts reporting