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The following political analysis is from Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) Political Analyst Jim Ellis. BIPAC is an independent, bipartisan organization. It is provided solely as a membership benefit to the organization's 300-plus member companies and trade associations. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of any particular member or the organization generally.

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TX-31: Carter vs. Hegar   9/25/2018
"TX-31:  Carter vs. Hegar" - by Jim Ellis   September 25, 2018   For the first time since his original election to the House back in 2002, Rep. John Carter (R-Round Rock) has drawn a top-tier Democratic challenger.    Consultant and Afgh... (read more)
Last Updated: 9/25/2018 9:41:47 AM

The Dems' Path   9/24/2018
"The Dems' Path" - by Jim Ellis   September 24, 2018   Most of the contemporary political talk surrounds the Democrats' ability to gain the US House majority, but is there a viable path for a power shift in the Senate? Their road to a new Senate majori... (read more)
Last Updated: 9/24/2018 9:45:26 AM

Senate Update - Part II   9/21/2018
"Senate Update - Part II" - by Jim Ellis   September 21, 2018   Today we continue our look at the most competitive 17 US Senate contests with our second and final installment.   Nevada Sen. Dean Heller (R) is embroiled in an intense re-electio... (read more)
Last Updated: 9/21/2018 9:54:05 AM

Senate Recap - Part 1   9/20/2018
"Senate Recap - Part 1" - by Jim Ellis   September 20, 2018   From the 35 US Senate in-cycle races it is clear that the major contests are narrowing to 16 competitive political battles. A 17th campaign, the one in California between Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) a... (read more)
Last Updated: 9/20/2018 10:23:51 AM

Cruz Rebounds   9/19/2018
"Cruz Rebounds" - by Jim Ellis   September 19, 2018   A new Quinnipiac University poll (9/11-17; 807 TX likely voters) finds that Sen. Ted Cruz (R), after languishing in a rather prolonged syndrome where he was only posting small single digit leads over US Rep... (read more)
Last Updated: 9/19/2018 9:37:37 AM

Nevada: Polling Contradiction   9/18/2018
"Nevada:  Polling Contradiction" - by Jim Ellis   September 18, 2018   A new survey was just released covering the two Nevada statewide campaigns, and the results are curious.    Gravis Marketing tested the Silver State electorate (9/11-... (read more)
Last Updated: 9/18/2018 10:16:43 AM

Health Care Politics   9/17/2018
"Health Care Politics" - by Jim Ellis   September 17, 2018   In virtually every poll, health care is mentioned in the top three of most important issues across the country. Therefore, ad themes attacking the problem from both ends of the political spectrum are... (read more)
Last Updated: 9/17/2018 11:05:04 AM

New York State Results; The Fox Polls   9/14/2018
"New York State Results; The Fox Polls" - by Jim Ellis   September 14, 2018   Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as predicted, easily won the Democratic gubernatorial primary last night with a 65-35% victory over actress Cynthia Nixon. Late polling projected the Governor to b... (read more)
Last Updated: 9/14/2018 9:45:33 AM

Rhode Island Results   9/13/2018
"Rhode Island Results" - by Jim Ellis   September 13, 2018   The Ocean State conducted the final primary before the general election yesterday, and Gov. Gina Raimondo was successfully re-nominated in the Democratic primary. But, her victory margin wasn't p... (read more)
Last Updated: 9/13/2018 9:23:32 AM

New Hampshire Results   9/12/2018
"New Hampshire Results" - by Jim Ellis   September 12, 2018   The election cycle's final primary week began yesterday in the Granite State. Tomorrow, Rhode Islanders go to the polls, and on Thursday New Yorkers return to choose state nominees after their f... (read more)
Last Updated: 9/12/2018 10:03:35 AM

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Employee Voter Registration Week 2017

September 25-29, 2017

Employee Voter Registration Week is an effort to make a dent in the number of unregistered citizens across the country. During this week, companies and associations will join together in an effort to encourage voter registration among private sector employees. The initiative will not tell employees how to vote or who to vote for, but instead aims to serve as a resource to help employers educate their employees about the issues that are important to their industries and provide key deadlines, voter registration, and polling location information.

For more information on Employee Voter Registration Week, visit www.EmployeesVote.com