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The following political analysis is from Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) Political Analyst Jim Ellis. BIPAC is an independent, bipartisan organization. It is provided solely as a membership benefit to the organization's 300-plus member companies and trade associations. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of any particular member or the organization generally.

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The 2018 Numbers   1/23/2019
"The 2018 Numbers" - by Jim Ellis  January 23, 2019   Now that all but one of the 470 House and Senate races from the election cycle just ended are final and recorded, it is time to better understand what the results portend.   As we know, the Democrat... (read more)
Last Updated: 1/23/2019 9:40:33 AM

The Early Senate Maneuvers   1/22/2019
"The Early Senate Maneuvers" - by Jim Ellis  January 22, 2019   Though it is only January of the off-year, already early moves are being made in anticipation of an active 2020 US Senate campaign cycle. With 34 in-cycle Senate races on the ballot, as many as 16, at... (read more)
Last Updated: 1/22/2019 9:32:45 AM

Rep. Marino to Resign   1/18/2019
"Rep. Marino to Resign" - by Jim Ellis  January 18, 2019   Five-term Pennsylvania Rep. Tom Marino (R-Williamsport) announced yesterday that he is leaving Congress next week to accept a professional position in the private sector. Mr. Marino was first elected to the... (read more)
Last Updated: 1/18/2019 9:56:33 AM

The Justice Democrats   1/17/2019
"The Justice Democrats" - by Jim Ellis  January 17, 2019   Similar to the time when the Republicans controlled the House, it appears the most ideologically committed faction of the Democratic Party is already beginning to target the more centrist majority members f... (read more)
Last Updated: 1/17/2019 9:38:46 AM

Senate: Early Handicapping   1/16/2019
"Senate:  Early Handicapping" - by Jim Ellis  January 16, 2019   The 2020 Senate election cycle features 34 races instead of 33 because of the Arizona special, and this time it is the Republicans who must defend the preponderance of seats. In 2018, Democrats h... (read more)
Last Updated: 1/16/2019 9:55:47 AM

The Presidential Scorecard   1/15/2019
"The Presidential Scorecard" - by Jim Ellis  January 15, 2019   As predicted, a great deal of action on the presidential front has already occurred in January, and we're likely to see more very soon.    So far this month, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D... (read more)
Last Updated: 1/15/2019 9:53:55 AM

NC-9: Vacant for the Year?   1/14/2019
"NC-9:  Vacant for the Year?" - by Jim Ellis  January 14, 2019   The 9th District of North Carolina, still with uncertified electoral results from November, could conceivably remain vacant until the November municipal elections as the situation continues to un... (read more)
Last Updated: 1/14/2019 8:45:23 AM

Senate Approvals   1/11/2019
"Senate Approvals" - by Jim Ellis  January 11, 2019   The Morning Consult firm just released their quarterly ranking of Senate job approval scores. All 100 Senators are surveyed, and the numbers cover the 4th quarter of 2018. Several categories are of interest. ... (read more)
Last Updated: 1/11/2019 10:17:53 AM

The Closest Races   1/10/2019
"The Closest Races" - by Jim Ellis  January 10, 2019   Now that the various state elections' offices have certified the November 6th final voting totals, we can begin to better analyze the particulars of the 2018 campaigns, which will provide clues to future ta... (read more)
Last Updated: 1/10/2019 10:18:01 AM

Potential Candidates Making Moves   1/9/2019
"Potential Candidates Making Moves" - by Jim Ellis  January 9, 2019   January promised to be an active month on the budding presidential campaign front, and we are already seeing movement in that regard. Below is a synopsis of the latest activities from major and n... (read more)
Last Updated: 1/9/2019 9:39:30 AM

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Employee Voter Registration Week 2017

September 25-29, 2017

Employee Voter Registration Week is an effort to make a dent in the number of unregistered citizens across the country. During this week, companies and associations will join together in an effort to encourage voter registration among private sector employees. The initiative will not tell employees how to vote or who to vote for, but instead aims to serve as a resource to help employers educate their employees about the issues that are important to their industries and provide key deadlines, voter registration, and polling location information.

For more information on Employee Voter Registration Week, visit www.EmployeesVote.com